Decadent Delights is a home-based business located in Conception Bay South,
Newfoundland and Labrador.

My passion for baking began as a young child while learning to bake with my Mother and Grandmother using their old traditional family recipes.

These recipes have always been and still remain a very intricate part of our family's traditions of gift giving or simply sharing these delicious rum cakes as a dessert with family and friends.

Throughout the years I had received many requests from friends who had tasted, received or just heard about these wonderful rum cakes who really wanted to purchase them. After lovingly joking about selling the rum cakes and feeling  proud and flattered by the overwhelming requests, in 2003, I decided to launch Decadent Delights.

There is truly something special about old traditional family recipes that conjure
up memories of childhood days  spent in the kitchen helping my Mother as she baked.
Each cake was prepared with warm thoughts of a legacy passed down through several generations.

It is with great pride that I share this labour of love so you may also enjoy these delectable home-baked rum cakes with your family and friends, as an after dinner dessert or simply as the ultimate touch to a cup of tea or coffee.

It is important that I represent this delicious tradition that may hopefully become
and remain a part of your family's traditions.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website today and I look forward sharing my
rum cakes and  caramel rum sauce with each of you.
Margaret Cranford
Owner/Decadent Delights